What Does It Mean To Live Your Truth?

With the current up-trend in the self-love, self-care, and mindfulness movement, you may have seen blog posts, Instagram captions, or have heard people preaching to “live your truth.” It’s a very broad statement, that encapsulates so much depth and meaning, while still remaining ambiguous and vague. It’s a powerful declaration. So what does it mean to “live your truth”?

It’s like the new age version of Shakespeare’s “To Thine Own Self Be True.” To live your truth means to wake up each day and follow your heart. It means that your words, thoughts, and actions reflect who you are at the very depths of your soul. It’s being authentic, unapologetically so, in all that you do. To live your truth means that you follow the path that your heart desires, you do not follow the crowd or live your life to please others.

When you are living your truth, your actions + words are from the heart. You are not making decisions out of fear, but out of love… for yourself and for others. When people hear “living your truth” plenty of cliché phrases come to mind like “Live in purpose, on purpose.” But it’s not just cliché… it’s true.

Living in your truth means that you recognize when things are not in tune with the greater purpose that you are meant to serve this world. Stuck in the corporate world at a desk when your soul is calling you to serve the world as a nurse? In a relationship that’s comfortable and unexciting when your heart is telling you that it’s over? Still participating in activities because they’re routine for you but they no longer inspire you? Living your truth is awakening to these feelings + callings… and not just listening to them, but acting on them.

Living your truth is removing yourself from people, places, and situations that are holding you in a space where you no longer belong. It’s creating space for new things, opportunities, and people to enter into your life so that you continue to grow and expand and spread your magic in this big, beautiful world.

Simply put, living your truth is living your life in alignment. Mind. Body. Soul.

There’s more to come on this, loves. And soon, too.




Heartbreak Open

I just watched the movie EAT PRAY LOVE after about a 5+ year hiatus. EAT PRAY LOVE, for those of you who have not seen it, is a film adapted from an Elizabeth Gilbert novel, that follows a successful writer as she spends a year abroad hoping to find herself and reignite her fire after a failed marriage. First she eats, then she prays, then she loves. It’s a beautiful story of moving on, of forgiveness, of finding balance, of self-love, and… of giving up the ever-sought after “balance” of life for love.

Within 36 hours of re-watching this movie, I was told by the man I’ve been dating for the past 5 months that he no longer wants to continue this relationship.

*Feels like she was just punched in the stomach*

We’ve all been there… a heart-shattered, cry-yourself-to-sleep-at-night break up. It hurts. You try to carry on, but little things remind you of him (or her), whether it’s the song on the radio or the shirt you sleep in… there’s a twinge of pain and more tears. You wonder what went wrong or if you could have done anything differently to have avoided the ending to your relationship. You ask yourself, “Is it me? Is something wrong with me?” You feel unwanted, unloved, and so debilitatingly alone. This is me right now.

But when we take a step back and really examine all of the heartbreaks we’ve gone through in our lives… what does heartbreak truly give us? Heartbreak literally creates space in your heart.

Your heart breaks… cracks… crumbles… your heart opens… and what is left is space.

It breaks you open.

First, it feels like a void. It’s painful to have that open, empty space… the space that this person once occupied. It feels like part of you is missing. Your heart literally aches over this emptiness.

But it’s not a void.

It’s a space to fill with new dreams, new memories, and new people.

The cracks in your heart let in light + love.

Heartbreak hurts. Like. Damn. It really f*cking hurts. I’m not trying to dispute that fact. But heartbreaks lead to growth… I am a firm believer that the ones with the biggest hearts are the ones that have had their hearts broken the most. You’ve shed a smaller shell of a heart and created a bigger one in it’s place every time you’ve faced heartbreak.

Heartbreak can be isolating, too. I think we all need that at one time or another in our lives though. We need to be alone. We need time and space for introspection. We need to get down to the real nitty gritty… the core of our true selves. We need to understand who we are, who we want to become, and what we really need in life.

You peel back the layers… of your past, your thought processes, your beliefs. You assess yourself. And in the process, you learn a lot about yourself and what you truly want and need in a relationship.

Moral of the story: If you’ve been hurt (or are currently hurting) don’t let that push you away from the potential of love. Don’t write it off. Don’t let heartbreak close you off. Let your heart break open. Remain open to love. It’s worth the risk to take a chance on someone. It could absolutely lead to love… and a lifetime of it. And if it doesn’t, that’s okay. You cry, you pick up the pieces, and you begin again.

Despite heartbreak, I still choose love. I welcome it with open arms; I don’t run from it. I’d rather say I love you first, than never say it at all. I would rather love and break open, a million times over, than to have never loved at all. I will continue to lean into the unknown + the fear of being hurt if it could lead to love… if the person makes my heart + soul happy. To me, the rewards far outweigh the risks when it comes to love.

So I’ll be over here, leaning into all of the breaks on my heart… I’m not picking up the pieces just yet. I’m still grieving the loss. I am just going to sit here with the hurt and the cracks and let in the light + love.



Gratitude Is A Magnet

Gratitude is a magnet. The more you are grateful for all that you have, the more the Universe will give you to be grateful for. Your continual gratefulness will manifest more blessings in your life.

Don’t believe in manifestation?

Hands at Heart Center, Photo by HMS Photography

Have you ever had a string of incredible “luck”… where all things just keep going right? You meet a cute guy, someone pays for your Starbucks, you win an online contest giveaway. You are so excited and happy and it just keeps coming! A random person at the gym tells you how great you look, you get a stellar deal at your favorite store. Then, an opportunity at work that you’ve been eyeing gets served to you on a silver platter. You manifested this.

And on the contrary, have you ever woken up late (bad start right off the bat) and dwelled on it? And then, in the frantic mess of trying to get ready quickly, stubbed your toe, and then your hair dryer breaks and you’re out of your favorite coffee. All of these bad things keep happening. Then you’re late to work because of traffic. You’re pissed about how the morning has gone and you just think to yourself, “Today is just going to be one of those days.” And then, it is. You manifested this. Had you woken up late and thought, well, from here on out I’ll make it a good day… things could have gone drastically different.

Thoughts become things. Say it with me. On repeat. Daily. Hourly. Whenever you need it.

Thoughts become things. 

Your thoughts shape your reality. You have the power to manifest what you want in life. The law of attraction is always working for you. Your thoughts (positive or negative) will affect your energetic frequency (what you put out into the Universe) and it will come back to you. So when you focus on what you want, you’ll get it. When you focus on what you don’t want, you’ll still get it. Because that’s where your focus is.

Gratitude is a magnet. The more you focus on gratitude for your life, the more the Universe gives you to be grateful for.

Tomorrow, this blog turns 1 year old.

I am so grateful for all of you for supporting me this past year. I promise year two will be bigger, better, and full of more beneficial information and content for you.

As an act of gratitude, I’d like to do a giveaway.

the five-minute journal

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Grateful for all of you.