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This or That | Macro Comparisons: Halloween Candy

Trick or treat!

It’s that time of year again. October and fall weather has officially hit us here in Chicago, which can only mean one thing… Halloween is EVERYWHERE! Walk into any grocery store and you are bombarded with marketing for those oh, so scrumptious bite size treats for your trick-or-treaters! (Who am I kidding? We all eat out of that candy bowl!)

With candy temptations surrounding us already (seriously people, we are just DAYS into the fall season), I decided to do a little macro comparison for a few typical Halloween treats, so you have a better idea of what you should (or shouldn’t) grab the next time you have the urge at home (or at the office) to dig into the candy!

Here are the different treats that I looked at. With each treat, I consider the macronutrients per serving, the serving size (vs the actual serving size you’ll actually eat), as well as the sugar per serving.




Butterfinger Peanut Butter Cups
Serving Size (1 Piece / 21g)
Calories 110 (115)
Fat 7g
Carbs 12g
Protein 1g
Sugar 11g

Serving Size (4 bars / 40g) || (1 bar / 10g)
Calories 200 (206) || 50 (52)
Fat 10g || 3g
Carbs 27g || 7g
Protein 2g || <1g
Sugar 22g || 6g

Serving Size (4 bars / 40g) || (1 bar / 10g)
Calories 180 (196) || 45 (49)
Fat 8g || 2g
Carbs 29g || 7g
Protein 2g || <1g
Sugar 18g || 5g

Baby Ruth
Serving Size (4 bars / 40g) || (1 bar / 10g)
Calories 210 (209) || 53 (53)
Fat 9g || 2g
Carbs 30g || 8g
Protein 2g || <1g
Sugar 25g || 6g

Starburst Fruit Chews
Serving Size (8 pieces / 40g / 4 stick wraps) || ( 2 pieces / 10g / 1 stick wrap)
Calories 160 (163) || 40 (41)
Fat 3g || <1g
Carbs 34g || 9g
Protein 0g || 0g
Sugar 22g || 6g

Skittles Fun Size Pack
Serving Size (3 packs / 46g) || (1 pack / 15g)
Calories 190 (186) || 63 (62)
Fat 2g || <1g
Carbs 42g || 14g
Protein 0g || 0g
Sugar 34g || 11g

3 Musketeers Minis
Serving Size (7 pieces / 41g) || (1 piece / 6g)
Calories 180 (177) || 25 (25)
Fat 5g || <1g
Carbs 32g || 5g
Protein 1g || <1g
Sugar 27g || 4g

Snickers Fun Size Bar
Serving Size (2 bar / 34g) || (1 bar / 17g)
Calories 160 (168) || 80 (84)
Fat 8g || 4g
Carbs 21g || 10g
Protein 3g || 2g
Sugar 18g || 9g

Snickers Minis
Serving Size (4 pieces / 36g) || (1 piece / 9g)
Calories 170 (172) || 43 (43)
Fat 8g || 2g
Carbs 22g || 6g
Protein 3g || <1g
Sugar 19g || 5g

M&Ms Fun Size Pack
Serving Size (3 packs / 40g) || (1 pack / 13g)
Calories 190 (187) || 63 (62)
Fat 7g || 2g
Carbs 29g || 10g
Protein 2g || <1g
Sugar 26g || 9g


My findings…

Per serving:
Fewest calories: 3 Musketeers Mini (also the smallest serving snack at only 6g per piece)
Most calories: Butterfinger Peanut Butter Cup (also the biggest serving at 21g per cup/piece)
Least amount of sugar: 3 Musketeers Mini
Most sugar: Butterfinger Peanut Butter Cup & Skittles Snack Pack

Of the mini chocolates:
Fewest calories: 3 Musketeers
Most calories: Baby Ruth

Of the snack packs:
Fewest calories: Starburst fruit chews (and you get two!)
Most calories: Skittles & M&Ms TIED!


Some concluding thoughts…

  • The snack packs are probably more satisfying as it will seem as if you’re eating more (because you get as many pieces in a pack versus one mini chocolate)
  • If you’re a macro counter and wanting a snack pack, opt for the Skittles if you need a low fat option OR, in reverse, choose the M&Ms if you’re looking to save a few carbs
  • If you’re craving the chocolate, a 3 Musketeers mini is the way to go! Only 25 calories! It actually had the least calories per serving of all of the Halloween candy I looked at.
  • If you just have to grab a piece of candy, you’re better off opting for a mini rather than a fun size bar (that is, if you can stand to only eat one mini).
  • If you feel tempted to grab more than one mini — go ahead and opt for a fun size bar, but keep it to just one!
  • The Crunch, Butterfinger, 3 Musketeers, and Snickers Minis along with Starburst (two-pack) are all under 50 calories! These are your best choices.
  • None of the above appeal to you? If you’re like me, you’ll be more tempted to grab a seasonal Oreo — so I went ahead and added the macros for those below. 😉 You’re welcome!

Halloween Oreos – Limited Edition w/ Orange Colored Crème
Serving Size (2 Oreos / 29g) || (1 Oreo / 15g)
Calories 140 (147) || 70 (74)
Fat 7g || 4g
Carbs 21g || 11g
Protein <1g || <1g
Sugar 13g || 7g


I hope this helps! Good luck fighting off the ghoulish treats, friends!




One Stop Shop


Product Review: The Lion’s Choice Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

Just call me a cookie monster, y’all! It doesn’t matter if it’s cookie dough, real cookies, Oreos (they aren’t real cookies, they are their own monster), you name it… if it has to do with a cookie, I probably want it. So when I saw that The Lion’s Choice made a macro-friendly edible, raw cookie dough with a lot of protein — I had to try it for myself.

I ordered the Chocolate Chip Cookie SuperFood Edible Cookie Dough (1/2 Pound Container).

tlc cookie dough

Here’s what I thought…


• IT IS BEYOND DELICIOUS, although it doesn’t taste like true cookie dough, the chocolate chip flavor did taste like a scrumptious chocolatey-y oatmeal cookie (I say oatmeal cookie because that’s the texture that the “dough” has, as you can see in the picture above). I didn’t want to stop eating it.

• The macros are great for a full serving (30g): 8P | 10C | 7F

• It is yummy raw or heated in the microwave (I preferred to heat mine because it was melty and gooey and that’s how I like my cookies).

• You can eat it out of the jar or put in on top of rice cakes or in your oatmeal, on top of your pancakes, etc.

• It is made without dairy, eggs, gluten, soy, peanuts, or hydrogenated oils.

• 10% of the proceeds of each purchase is donated to charity! The Dream 2 Achieve Foundation is a non-profit organization giving underprivileged youth the opportunity to become involved with youth sports, after school programs, and other activities.


• If you want something with an actual cookie dough texture, this is not for you. I knew going into it that this would not actually taste like true cookie dough but I know a lot of people will expect this to have the texture and taste of a true, raw cookie dough (because it’s called cookie dough) but if that is what you are looking for, this will disappoint you. It may seem weird to even mention, but I see a lot of people put down companies/brands/products because the “faux” version they make isn’t EXACTLY like the real thing (i.e. people hating on Arctic Zero ice cream because it doesn’t taste like real ice cream… well it isn’t real ice cream, it’s a frozen dessert made to give you a lower calorie option to ice cream, so…).

• The price. It’s $14.99 for an 8 ounce container. That’s almost $2 per ounce and doesn’t include the shipping fee (about $6.50) which comes out to almost $3 per ounce. Even with a 10% off discount code (you’ll find lots of them on Instagram) you’re still probably paying $2-3 per ounce of cookie dough if you aren’t buying anything else.


Final Thoughts…

I loved the cookie dough, even despite the price. I’m not price sensitive to products that taste good, are made well (i.e. great ingredients, non-GMO, vegan, gluten-free), and donate to good causes. I will definitely be ordering more cookie dough from The Lion’s Choice.

The edible cookie dough isn’t the only product they offer. The Lion’s Choice has a full line of nut butters, protein pancake and muffin mixes, cookie doughs, and powdered peanut butter. I’m actually dying to try the Maple Donut and Butterfinger Bar flavored nut butters! Yum!

All in all, I love a company that stand behinds high quality products and gives back to the community. The Lion’s Choice is definitely worth checking out if you feel the same way.


Have you tried any of The Lion’s Choice products before? If so, what did you think? Any favorites I should try? Let me know in the comments below!


Peanut Butter Cookie Protein Pancakes

One of my favorite things to do on the weekends is to just wake up slow. To me, that means laying in bed and snuggling up with my blankets until I’m ready for breakfast. When that “ready for food” feeling hits, I’ll make my way to the kitchen and whip up some pancakes. And then, of course, I’ll crawl back into bed with them… you know, have myself some breakfast-in-bed action!

Pancakes are one of my favorite breakfast foods because there are a variety of ways to prepare them and so many different flavors to make. Being in competition prep, I’ll make protein pancakes — just meaning that I’ll add protein powder to the mix, instead of utilizing pancakes as solely a source of carbohydrates. This allows me to kill two birds with one stone and get in a good amount of protein and carbs first thing in the morning.

Currently, I’m on a ProSupps PS Isolate Peanut Butter Cookie kick. This protein flavor is delicious, so it absolutely makes sense to throw it into my pancakes.


Peanut Butter Cookie Protein Pancakes:

Ingredients (yields 1 serving of 2 small pancakes):
• 1 egg
• 40g Kodiak Cakes Buttermilk & Honey Frontier Flapjack and Waffle Mix
• 20g ProSupps Peanut Butter Cookie PS Isolate
• .5C unsweetened cashew milk
• 2g baking powder (approx. 1 TSP)

• Place all ingredients in mixing bowl and blend (or mix it in your Ninja Bullet like I do) until you have the desired consistency. Feel free to add more or less cashew milk to adjust the thickness of your pancake batter.
• Cook on a griddle like a pancake.
• That’s it. Easy, right?


MACROS: 29P | 28C | 8F

Top with:

• 16g creamy peanut butter
• 150g frozen strawberries (heated in the microwave for 2 minutes to create a fruit compote)


If you give this recipe a try, let me know in the comments below! Would love to hear what you think!

Don’t forget y’all, if you’re buying ANY ProSupps product (like PS Isolate for the recipe above), using code LETA10 at checkout will get you 10% off your entire order along with FREE shipping.