Welcome, beautiful soul!

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There is a good possibility that you found your way to my website through social media or maybe you stumbled upon my site by chance. Either way, I’m so incredibly glad that you are here!

Just a little about me…

I’m Leta.  I am a yoga instructor + life coach in Chicago.

When I try to identify who I am, I realize that I am quite honestly a walking paradox, formed of many contradictions. I like to say that I am multi-faceted. I’m a wellness warrior.  A mindful muscle maven.  A compassionate badass.  A deadlifting yogi.  A trap-music-loving spiritual junkie.  A tarot-card-reading, crystal-obsessed, Universe-seeking Christian.  I am a woman who will confidently stand in her divine feminine power and also knows how to access the power of her masculinity and get shit done.

I aspire to create space + community for all of us to gather + grow together.  I advocate living #LifeInAlignment: owning your truth and living for your Highest self — mind, body, + soul.  My hope is that you feel at home here + this blog inspires you to live your life on purpose, with purpose.  My mission is to help you reclaim your worth, and stand fully in your power.

No matter how you found yourself here, at this moment, know that it is because you are meant to be here now.  I’m grateful that the Universe intertwined our paths.  Let’s walk together on this journey of aligning our mind, body, + soul.



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