New Moon Workshop Recap

On Saturday, February 17th I hosted my first ever yoga workshop. The workshop was themed around the February new moon. If you’re new to the lunar cycle and phases of the moon, the new moon symbolizes a new beginning. It is the perfect time to get grounded, find clarity in what you want, and set intentions.

Here’s a recap of the new moon workshop.

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The meditation was a visualization practice. I asked my girls to visualize what they want their life to look like one year from now. No dream too big. Nothing too far out of reach. The dream job, the dream pay, the dream friendships + relationships, the dream condo, the dream car. And I wanted it in detail. The exact title of the job, the exact salary, the names + faces attached to those relationships + friendships, the look of the condo, down to the countertops, the color of the car… interior + exterior.

Then I asked these women to visualize themselves in this life. Really in it. How does it feel? What are the emotions you have in that life? Do you feel happy? Free? Abdundant? Goddess-like? Empowered? Fearless? Safe? Stable?

The intention setting + journaling

After the meditation, we moved on to the journaling portion of the workshop. These women had a chance to visualize this dream life — the life they want to manifest. The life that they have the power to create for themselves. I had them write it ALL down… to the smallest detail. From there, I asked them to break down the timeline. In this lunar cycle, “what are some intentions that you can set to help you manifest this life?” Manifestation without action… isn’t manifestation at all. It’s a dream without a plan.

Once intentions had been set, I spoke on the need to nourish… to show up for ourselves… to fill our own cup first. Because who can you show up for if you don’t show up for yourself first? We created an “Alignment Toolbox” — a list of things we can do to nourish our mind, body, and soul to keep us in alignment with our Highest self. This list was comprised of the things that make us happy — that sometimes we don’t allow ourselves to make time to do (i.e. reading a book, taking a walk, sleeping in, massages, workouts, yoga classes, nightly skincare).

These women were now equipped with a list of things to pull from whenever their love tanks were closing in on ‘E’. This is a list that I had them promise themselves they would utilize when they knew they needed it. It is often when we are too busy to do things that fill our cup, that we need to do them the most. There’s a quote that says, “You should sit in meditation for 20 minutes a day. Unless you’re too busy, then you should sit for an hour.”

The yin yoga flow

The yin sequence is where the cohesion happens. Where all of the thoughts, intentions, and visualization have the time to sink in. To marinate. It was a 75-minute beautiful, meditative practice complemented with a serene instrumental Spotify playlist ending in an 8-minutes savasana.

The energy in the room was incredible. It was calm, yet palpable. Meditative, yet creative. While these women looked inward, I could feel the great vastness of the dreams they desired to manifest.  The new moon workshop was everything I could have hoped for. Not just for me, but for the women in attendance.

Is this an event you’d like to partake in? Would you want me to host this new moon workshop monthly? I’m already in the planning stages for monthly workshops to happen in the Chicagoland area + beyond!



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