What Does It Mean To Live Your Truth?

With the current up-trend in the self-love, self-care, and mindfulness movement, you may have seen blog posts, Instagram captions, or have heard people preaching to “live your truth.” It’s a very broad statement, that encapsulates so much depth and meaning, while still remaining ambiguous and vague. It’s a powerful declaration. So what does it mean to “live your truth”?

It’s like the new age version of Shakespeare’s “To Thine Own Self Be True.” To live your truth means to wake up each day and follow your heart. It means that your words, thoughts, and actions reflect who you are at the very depths of your soul. It’s being authentic, unapologetically so, in all that you do. To live your truth means that you follow the path that your heart desires, you do not follow the crowd or live your life to please others.

When you are living your truth, your actions + words are from the heart. You are not making decisions out of fear, but out of love… for yourself and for others. When people hear “living your truth” plenty of cliché phrases come to mind like “Live in purpose, on purpose.” But it’s not just cliché… it’s true.

Living in your truth means that you recognize when things are not in tune with the greater purpose that you are meant to serve this world. Stuck in the corporate world at a desk when your soul is calling you to serve the world as a nurse? In a relationship that’s comfortable and unexciting when your heart is telling you that it’s over? Still participating in activities because they’re routine for you but they no longer inspire you? Living your truth is awakening to these feelings + callings… and not just listening to them, but acting on them.

Living your truth is removing yourself from people, places, and situations that are holding you in a space where you no longer belong. It’s creating space for new things, opportunities, and people to enter into your life so that you continue to grow and expand and spread your magic in this big, beautiful world.

Simply put, living your truth is living your life in alignment. Mind. Body. Soul.

There’s more to come on this, loves. And soon, too.




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