Life in Alignment

It’s a phrase commonly used in yoga, to be “in alignment.” Of course, when your yoga instructor is talking about being in alignment, (s)he is trying to make sure your body is in the proper form in a posture to avoid risk to injury and ensure that you are receiving all of the benefits of the posture. I love this term because it can also be adequately used off of the mat. (As I’ve learned many lessons from the mat can be). You can live your entire life in alignment. In fact, I hope that with this post, you start living your life in alignment.

Living life in alignment means that you are living each day in agreement with your heart and soul. It means that from the moment your eyes flutter open in the morning, every thought, every breath, every action is in line with your truth and your Highest self.

It isn’t easy. I believe it is human nature for us to resist the happiness that alignment can bring us. Many of us live our lives from a place of fear versus a place of love. This pushes us out of alignment.

To be able to live your life aligned with your truth, you need to know what your truth is. How can you discover your truth? Ask yourself a few questions:

  • What do I value in this life?
  • Who am I at the very core of my being?
  • When am I my truest self?
  • What kind of person do I aspire to be?
  • What do I want to be remembered for?
  • What do I aspire for people to feel after they have interacted with me?
  • What causes and belief systems do I stand for and speak to?

Write those answers down. Put those words on to paper. Make them real. See them. Visualize them. This will help you wrap your head around your truth. It will help you actualize these truths into existence.

Now that you understand who you are at your very depths, it’s time to live in alignment with your truths. This means you think, act, speak, and believe in accordance with the answers that you wrote down.

Maybe you value kindness: living life in alignment with that truth means that you will make a conscious decision to think kind thoughts, to speak kind words, and to do acts of kindness. It also means taking a step back when you think, speak, or act out of alignment. Reflect on those situations, what drove you to break from your truth? How can you address it the next time you may be put in that situation?

Maybe you stand for self-love: this means that you need to live each day giving yourself the love that you deserve. This can be done by eating well, exercising, self-care, and speaking sweet nothings to yourself. It also means calling yourself on your bullshit and holding yourself accountable on the days that you aren’t giving yourself love. Self-love also actualizes when you take a step back from situations that aren’t contributing to your Highest good. For instance, you can’t say that you love your body, then only fuel it with garbage food and drown yourself in alcohol each weekend. That is not living life in alignment with your truth.

It’s not a simple change. It’s actually really hard. And it can get messy, because you have to take a good, hard look at the “why” behind your own thoughts, words, and actions. But once you do this, you find that life seems to flow. When you’re in alignment with your truth and you’re living each day in accordance with these truths… the right people, places, and opportunities find their way to you naturally. Instead of forcing yourself down paths not meant for you, you find yourself falling into the flow of living. Once you live a life aligned, mind-body-soul, you won’t ever want to go back.



P.S. There is so much more to come on this! I’m actually working on my very FIRST e-book workbook titled Life In Alignment. I can’t wait to release it in 2018!

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