2018 Intentions

With the new year approaching, talk is ablaze with “New Years Resolutions.” Resolutions literally means the action of solving a problem. This would imply that our resolutions are made because we have a problem to solve. I take issue with that. We are exactly where we are meant to be + we are a creation of every past experience. We, in our current state, are not a problem. We do not need to be solved. This year, I’m throwing “resolutions” to the wind and setting intentions for the new year!

Intentions are the fuel used to manifest the life you want to live. They are well thought out desires, feelings to cultivate, and goals to chase. Intentions, in my eyes, are a gentler + kinder way to tell the Universe what you want. Intentions are based from a place of love + desire versus resolutions that are based from a place of “let’s fix this.”

I hope you all take time before the new year to understand what you want 2018 to bring to you.

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In 2018, I intend to…

  • look fear in the face and begin teaching yoga
  • write more
  • learn how to use my camera + edit pictures
  • find my “aesthetic” for my Instagram + blog to mesh
  • be love + light
  • share my magic
  • find a happy balance in health + fitness; find a “lean for life” state
  • save more money
  • travel more
  • be more kind
  • donate money AND time to charities and non-profits that call to me
  • monetize my blog + Instagram
  • be open to opportunities that allow me to live out my passion
  • CREATE opportunities that allow me to live out my passion
  • host workshops
  • inspire other’s to use their magic + give it to the world
  • make more YouTube videos
  • Release my ebook/workbook “Life in Alignment”
  • Believe in my ability to help, guide, and inspire people around me… and get paid for it
  • host a yoga retreat
  • become a sought after teacher — wherever I’m residing
  • make 2017 my LAST midwest winter
  • remain open to new relationships, friendships, and partnerships
  • GROW — personally + professionally
  • pay off a sizable chunk of student loan debt
  • let go of past projections/stories that i’ve let control my life
  • forgive those who have wronged me that i have held grudges against
  • work hard to make my dream job my REAL job by the age of 30
  • transition more of my diet (+ consumer preferences) to vegan/cruelty-free
  • build the groundwork for my online store
  • cut out toxic people in my life; and fill the spaces that they once occupied with good-intentioned people + relationships

Are you ready to get started on your intentions for 2018? I’ve created a 2018 Intentions Worksheet  just for you! Download the worksheet, print, and start intention setting.

Happy New Year, loves.



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