Forget What You Thought You Knew

Forget what you thought you knew. There is no such thing as “too late.” There is no such thing as “a better time.” You will never “be ready.”

All We Have Is NowAll you have is this very moment. All you have is dating kitchener-waterloo ontario site de rencontre pour jeune de 12-13 ans matchmaking value online dating problems and solutions site de rencontre skyrock site rencontre ado iphone recherche femme a bordeaux site de rencontre extra conjugale france NOW.

But do you know what else you have? You have POWER. The power to change your life. The power to change your path.

Your heart is in a different career? But it’s a risk? Do it anyway.

You’re scared to tell the person you love that you love them? Because you could get hurt? Do it anyway.

You want to change your life, but you don’t want people to talk behind your back and say “who does she think she is trying to do that?” Do. It. Anyway.

Life is full of risks. Life is full of choices. Life is full of fear. If there is something you want to do, if there is a chance you want to take, if there is a dream you want to chase…

Do it afraid. It is okay to be scared, but it is not okay to let fear hold you back. Whether it is a fear of failure, or a fear of the unknown, or the fear of what others may think. Fear will only dissipate when you face it head on. DO IT AFRAID.

Don’t wait for the time to be just right. Don’t wait until you’re ready. You will be waiting forever.

I just finished an interview with a plus-sized model for an online publication that seeks to empower women and teach them to embrace their bodies and love themselves. This plus-sized model is in her mid-30’s. She’s been modeling for less than a year. She booked her first big gig just days after her father passed away on her birthday. She didn’t even have the chance to tell her father that she had been casted. Her own birthday is now forever intertwined with the sorrowing loss of her father and the exhilarating news of booking her first runway show. Her outlook on life after such a traumatic life experience is incredible. It hasn’t even been a full year since her father passed, but she decided to take life by the reigns and truly live for the moment.

Today, her life motto is, “Life is short. Do it afraid.” Because there isn’t time to waste waiting around for you to work up the nerve, for you to get a few more certifications, for you to lose a few more pounds, or for you to save up more money.

Whatever it is that you want, go after it.

This woman has inspired me.

I’m going to start my YouTube channel — despite having zero video editing experience, improper lighting, and no studio to record in.

I’m going to start teaching yoga — despite this everlasting fear that I will not be a soul-inspiring + motivating teacher.

I’m going to start putting real effort into building my brand and making this blog, yoga, and fitness my career.

Because, life is short. And all I have is NOW.

What are you going to do afraid?



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