You Can Impact The World

Each and every interaction you have with someone will impact them in some way, whether the impact is positive, neutral, or negative is completely up to you. Ask yourself now, how do you want to impact the world?

Now, you might scoff at that last sentence, “impact the world, Leta? Come on…”

I was in a sound healing meditation, when the instructor said, “In your lifetime, you can affect over 100,000 people.” This struck a chord deep within me. 100,000 people? How?

Not only did I want to understand if it was even possible to meet this many people, I wanted to understand how I can affect them… and do so positively.

Doing a little research of my own, I found that it is nearly impossible to estimate the number of people one may meet in a lifetime. Some estimate upwards of 10,000 people, while other mathematical formulations can total close to 80,000 people. To meet 80,000 people in your lifetime, you would have to meet 3 new people daily from the age of 5 until the age of 78. This is a stretch for some, as most of us are very routine people.

Assuming on the lower end of the estimated spectrum, that you physically meet 10,000 people in your lifetime… how is it even possible to have an effect on over 100,000 people in your lifetime?

The answer: dating service san antonio femme cherche polygame agencias matrimoniales en barranquilla site de rencontre fishandsee singles treuenbrietzen kostenlose flirt telefonnummer post dating checks in california optionavigator net go now the ripple effect.

How many times have you come home from work tired and upset, only to let the effects of your day rub off on your spouse or significant other? While (s)he may not have been the true root of your frustrations, (s)he receives the brunt end of it… only to pass it on to the next person (s)he encounters… and so on.

How many times has someone paid for your coffee at Starbucks, leaving you happy and joyous and paying it forward to the next customer? This leaves you with a “good deed high” and your mood has lifted, thus, lifting the spirits of those around you that day.

When you’re having a bad day, you can project that on others, which will in turn create a ripple effect of negativity throughout their world, and the people closest to them. OR you can put on a smile, be kind, and focus on having positive interactions with those around you. You have the power to decide how you will impact your world.

Join me in making that effect a positive one, yes?



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