What If You’re Great?

We all have big dreams, deep passions, and a vision of what our ideal life would look like. It’s probably safe to assume that most of us have something we are interested in + passionate about and if given the chance to turn that into a career, we would jump at the chance. Maybe it’s photography, crafting, blogging, or traveling the world.

So when this possibility is staring us right in the face, why is it that so many of us freeze? Shy away? Back out?

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We are afraid to fail at the one thing we have dreamed of being successful at.

Just the other night, I was having dinner with a close friend and we were discussing my future as a yoga teacher. A great opportunity was potentially on the horizon for me if I’d dare to leap and take the risk.

I looked at him and my heart poured out, “I haven’t even finished my requirements for yoga teacher training yet to get my certification. Honestly, I think I’ve been avoiding it.”

“Why?” he asked.

“What if I’m not a good teacher? What if I’m awful?” I replied. There it was. My insecurities and self-doubt spilling out.

“What if you’re great?” he questioned back.

Wow. With one single question, this man had flipped my entire perspective upside down.

I have been delaying my journey to becoming an instructor because I’m afraid I won’t be as great, as spiritual, or as inspiring as those who have taught me. BUT… what if I will be? What if, in my attempts to shield my future students from the self-perceived disaster that could be me as an instructor, I’m only shielding the world from my light? If that is the case, then my procrastination affects more than just me; it is a disservice to the world. My gut instinct to spare my ego and delay finishing my certification is just me selfishly keeping my abilities to myself instead of sharing it with people who need it.

Think about it.

What if every time that you’ve retreated from an opportunity due to self-doubt or fear of failure, you weren’t just hurting yourself and downplaying your own abilities but you were also stealing valuable time, inspiration, and light from those around you that could have benefitted from you chasing your dream?

For me, it’s my future students. Could I have positively affected someone by now? Could I have made them drink the Yogi juice? Could they have already fallen in love with the practice? Could I have inspired someone to live more out of intention?

The Universe would not put a call to your heart + a need in your soul if you were not meant to chase it.

So, the next time that you are scared of failing and you want to back down from taking the leap… ask yourself, “what if you’re great?”

What if you are great? Then surely this world needs you. It needs your light, your passion, your drive, your compassion. Chasing dreams and doing things that scare you can run a big risk, but they have an even bigger reward. Not just for you, but for those around you. It can empower the people closest to you to do the same.

You are great. It’s time to spread your light.



You Can Impact The World

Each and every interaction you have with someone will impact them in some way, whether the impact is positive, neutral, or negative is completely up to you. Ask yourself now, how do you want to impact the world?

Now, you might scoff at that last sentence, “impact the world, Leta? Come on…”

I was in a sound healing meditation, when the instructor said, “In your lifetime, you can affect over 100,000 people.” This struck a chord deep within me. 100,000 people? How?

Not only did I want to understand if it was even possible to meet this many people, I wanted to understand how I can affect them… and do so positively.

Doing a little research of my own, I found that it is nearly impossible to estimate the number of people one may meet in a lifetime. Some estimate upwards of 10,000 people, while other mathematical formulations can total close to 80,000 people. To meet 80,000 people in your lifetime, you would have to meet 3 new people daily from the age of 5 until the age of 78. This is a stretch for some, as most of us are very routine people.

Assuming on the lower end of the estimated spectrum, that you physically meet 10,000 people in your lifetime… how is it even possible to have an effect on over 100,000 people in your lifetime?

The answer: the ripple effect.

How many times have you come home from work tired and upset, only to let the effects of your day rub off on your spouse or significant other? While (s)he may not have been the true root of your frustrations, (s)he receives the brunt end of it… only to pass it on to the next person (s)he encounters… and so on.

How many times has someone paid for your coffee at Starbucks, leaving you happy and joyous and paying it forward to the next customer? This leaves you with a “good deed high” and your mood has lifted, thus, lifting the spirits of those around you that day.

When you’re having a bad day, you can project that on others, which will in turn create a ripple effect of negativity throughout their world, and the people closest to them. OR you can put on a smile, be kind, and focus on having positive interactions with those around you. You have the power to decide how you will impact your world.

Join me in making that effect a positive one, yes?