My First Tarot Reading

As I delve deeper into my spiritual journey, I am taking the opportunity to explore different ways of connecting with my highest self and consciousness.

I love astrology and understanding how, depending on where the stars were when you were born, you may be influenced in your characteristics and personality. I feel the way of the Libra speaks so much to my soul. While I love astrology, I’m not naive and know that most horoscopes are written to be vague enough to apply to many people. That’s one part of astrology I don’t like. I don’t like that there are ways to manipulate what you read to make it apply to your life (whether it does or not). While I am learning to embrace and evolve my spiritual side, that does not diminish the side of me that needs clear cut answers and logical thinking. Before I will take any horoscope to heart, what is written needs to be so blatantly clear that I was meant to read it.

With that being said, you can imagine my skepticism when it comes to tarot cards. As I was looking more and more into tarot, I realized that while there is a way to interpret your own cards, as each card does have it’s own meaning. So while you can read the spread and interpret how the cards apply to the question you asked or spread you choose, there really is no way to completely twist the reading to apply to you just because that is the outcome you want.

After some internal debate, I decided there was no harm in at least trying out tarot cards. At the least, I’ll be briefly let down in my purchase, and at most, I’ll have a new resource in my wheelhouse that allows me to work through things internally. I caved and purchased the most beautiful deck of tarot cards, The Starchild Tarot Akashic Deck.

The night my deck arrived, I cleansed the deck with sage to clear the cards of any energy that may have been transferred to them before arriving to me. Once the energy was clear, I shuffled the deck and meditated on the question that I wanted the tarot to answer for me. I chose a spread of three cards, bo rencontre avec joe black musique meet korean singles for dating More hints e marks binäre optionen donde ligar por internet gratis free dating victoria rencontre femme africaine ile de france Situation | Action | Outcome. Continuing to meditate on the question, I cut the deck and dealt my cards. I was nervous and excited.

I flipped the cards:

Two of Cups. Five of Crystals. Strength.

Two of Cups: A card of new beginnings

Five of Crystals: A card that represents a sense of worry, over-speculation; this card reinforces that despite hardships, you are capable

Strength: A powerful card that signifies the emergence of your Higher Self – one that is full of grace, love, and compassion. This card reminds you that you are strong enough to overcome any obstacles

So what did I ask the tarot to answer for me?

Can I turn my blog into a business? Can I teach yoga online?

Let’s remember my spread: Situation | Action | Outcome

Situation: A new beginning (wanting to create a business though teaching yoga online)

Action: A sense of worry (well I WAS asking a deck of tarot cards if I should do this, so yes, there I have definitely been over-speculating and wondering how to — or even if I can — do this.)

Outcome: Strength and the emergence of your Higher self

I initially thought my cards would tell me what action to take and what the outcome of that action would be. That was at least my expectation.

After seeing my cards, that’s not how I read them at all. I read that my Situation is a new beginning, and my current Action is worry and over-thinking, but this same card reads “Do Not Lose Faith In Yourself.” The Outcome I now believe is a result of the tarot cards themselves. The Universe is reminding me of my strength. Somehow, the tarot knew all I needed was a little reminder that I am both strong and capable.

I think we all fall prey to that internal doubt from time-to-time, but we must remember that the power we have inside of us is stronger than we believe. The next time self-doubt encroaches and tries to veer you off a path that you’re excited to take… remember your strength, your power, your heart, and your passion. Like the Strength card says, you are strong enough to overcome any obstacles.

I must say that my heart was so happy after my first tarot reading. I am sure to come to my tarot cards with many more questions.

Would you do tarot? What would you ask the deck to show you?

Let me know!



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