Workout Wednesday: Shoulders

It’s funny that I initially wanted to start this blog to tailor it around fitness and instead, it has more morphed more into me talking about life experiences, my perspective on self-love and mindset, even a handful of healthy recipes, with very few posts in the “fitness” section of my site.

I want to change that!

I am starting a new series called Workout Wednesday! Twice a month (hopefully more regularly down the road) on Wednesday I will post a new workout.


To kick off the inaugural Workout Wednesday — I thought I’d start with my FAVORITE muscle group: SHOULDERS!

Here’s how I’ll break the workouts down for you:

  • Name of exercise, equipment, numbers of set x number of reps
    • I.e. Shoulder Press (exercise), dumbbells (equipment), 4 (number of sets) x 10 (numbers of reps)

The higher the rep range, the lower the weight. The lower the rep range, the heavier the weight.

Easy enough, right? Okay, good.

Now let me throw my not-so-experienced lifters a curveball. If an exercise is listed with // in between the name of another exercise, this signifies a superset, or set in which you do a set of two exercises for the listed number of reps with no break in between. Instead, the rest is taken after both exercises are completed.

  • I.e. Lateral raise // Front raise, dumbbells, 4×10
    • This means you’ll do 10 lateral raises and immediately do 10 front raises before resting and doing it again for 4 sets, instead of doing 4 sets of lateral raises and 4 sets of front raises separately.

Also to note, a dropset is where you do as many reps as possible with a certain weight and when you hit failure, you go down in weight and repeat. Doing as many reps as possible until failure and drop the weight again. Typically, I’ll drop weight 2-3 times. Dropsets should be done with little to no rest in between sets.

Delt Workout

  • Quadset (this quadset is courtesy of Dana Linn Bailey! It is done like a superset except with FOUR exercises straight through, no breaks until all reps in the set are done! This one is a killer but I love itttttt! 😉 ) Overhead Press // Behind-the-Neck Press // Front Raise // Upright row, weighted barbell, 4×10
  • Shoulder press, dumbbell, 4×10
  • Lateral raises, dumbbell, 1×15, 1×12, 1×10, 1×8
  • Arnold press, dumbbell, 4×10
  • Incline shoulder press, dumbbell, 4×12
  • Reverse cable flyes, cable machine, 3×15
  • Face pulls, (use rope attachment) cable machine, 4×12
  • Lateral raises, dumbbell, 1×8, 1×10, 1×12, dropset to failure
  • Battle ropes, 4×30 seconds


Give this workout a go and let me know what you think!

Not sure how to properly execute any of the above exercises? has an incredible database of exercises that lists you can look at that breaks down each exercise for you! This exercise database is an incredible resource for weightlifters of any experience level. You can access the database here .


What do you want the next Workout Wednesday to feature? Legs, back, arms, core? Maybe you want some HIIT cardio variations? Let me know in the comments below!




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