The Next Chapter

Have you ever found yourself immersed in a book? It’s almost as if you are there, watching the story unfold before you. You’re entranced and eager to find out what happens next, quickly turning the page as your eyes scale from left to right, top to bottom.

The joy you get from each finished page, from each completed chapter! Sadly, you know the end of the book is coming, as you can see the numbers of pages before the back cover is dwindling at an incomprehensible rate. But alas, you cannot stop. It’s one of those “It’s so good! I just can’t put it down!” type of books.

As bittersweet as it is for the story to the end, there’s also a sense of excitement and joy that washes over you as you finish the last word on the last line of the last page. It is a contentment of finally knowing how the story ends; and knowing that an end can only lead to a new beginning.

With mere hours left of being 26, that is exactly how I felt. I took a chance to pause and reflect on my last year and I cannot believe that it came and went so quickly. There were many twists and turns, unexpected events, highs and lows, great adventures and periods of stillness. I believe the year flew by because I was genuinely savoring every minute of every day, simultaneously living in the present moment while eagerly anticipating what happens next.

I was reveling in my growth. A growth that I can proudly say encompassed more than just my physical body. My growth was also, as I have said time and time again, very spiritual and mental. I jumped into new paths, fell into the depths of my own soul, and connected with God + the universe on a much larger level.


Hands at Heart Center, Photo by HMS Photography
Hands at Heart Center, Photo by HMS Photography


I am completely overwhelmed with all of the changes that the year of 26 brought me. In fact, I think 26 will forever be one of my favorite chapters in my life.

From starting my own blog/website, getting a promotion at work, a third season of competing, to finding myself through meditation, my very first solo photoshoot, to starting yoga teacher training… It’s been a wild ride.

In Chapter 26, I found depths of my own soul that I did not even know existed. I found the ability to let all facets of my being coexist. I found the strength to be soft, open, and vulnerable. I found the gentleness to love myself in any physical capacity, in any form or amount of space my body takes. I found the quiet hums of stillness to be the time that my inner voice is the loudest. I found on my darkest days that my vision is the clearest. I found the only way to truly mend was to stop trying to keep myself from breaking. I found my worth in periods of loneliness and solitude. I found connection in the absence of physical bodies through social media. I found happiness and comfort in the unfamiliarity of change. I found that I shine the most when my candle lights another’s.

In Chapter 26, each day… every little experience… each book read, tear shed, laugh cracked, coffee sipped, weight lifted… it all tied together. It all acted as a catalyst for the evolution and creation of the Leta that I will be in Chapter 27.

In Chapter 26, I found my magic. If Chapter 26 can hold all of that amazement and wonder… my oh my, what possibilities Chapter 27 could hold!?

Today, I begin a new story. I have a blank page and all of the ink in the world to write with. I have the power to make Chapter 27 just as glorious and adventurous as I desire it to be. How beautiful is it to start again?

So, how will I start faire son profil pour site de rencontre free horoscope match making in malayalam Recommended Reading modern day dating etiquette sitio citas online ich habe das flirten verlernt ou faire des rencontres a toulouse my sources agence kleber rencontres Chapter 27, Page 1?

With a grateful heart.

Thank you all for your unbelievable support; thank you all for being a part of my story. I hope you join me for Chapter 27. It won’t disappoint.



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  1. Beautiful way to look at this past year, to commemorate, appreciate and honor all you have experienced!!
    Powerful self-discovery and self-love!!

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